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Pink Sugar

Craft & Social Groups


Step out of your comfort zone and interact with people in a safe space

Once a month once a group for people to come together and have fun with age appropriate activities:

  • Dream catchers

  • Tie Dying 

  • Candle making 

  • Macrame

  • Moulds class 

  • Resin pouring 

  • Finger knitting

These age-appropriate social activities that the ladies request each month give people a sense of belonging and enjoyment within a social group. 

The group brings people together for a social activity they enjoy and feel valued. Participants who would otherwise be at home on their own are socialising with women with the same and different experiences in life; they belong to a social group and have made friendships outside of this group that will last longer than a support service would. 


We're here to give you quality - personalised services on your journey

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