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Purple Blossom

Meet the amazing team behind Your Best Support


Cass - Administration Manager

Cass is our amazing Administration Manager who looks after all of the day-to-day Rostering and staff management, programme development. 

Cass comes to your best support with extensive knowledge of remedial massage, business management, bookkeeping and scheduling. Beauty therapy knowledge. 

Erin Sanders updated pic_edited.jpg

Erin - Aboriginal Disability Support Worker.

Erin has been with your best support now for almost 2 years, Erin comes to Your Best Support with lived experience of supporting people with complex mental health support needs & supporting loved ones with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Challenging support needs also has a SLO certificate 3 and is medication trained, first aid, WWC, Police check full COVID Vax, managing challenging diversities in the workplace.

Erin also is the facilitator of the Rustic craft group held once a month. The Rustic Craft Group is a group where participants come together in a social setting and are free to express themselves through art, craft, and social interactions with like-minded people. the Rustic Craft group is an all-inclusive group, and you do not need any specific requirements other than Loving are and needing a social outlet to support you to express your inner artist.

Erin has been working with people who have complex needs to navigate there day to day activities and is supporting participants to achieve some not so easy goals, including budgeting money for planned events

supporting people who have challenging hoarding tendencies to overcome and declutter spaces for new positive projects.

Erin is easy to build a rapport with and is adaptable to meet almost all of you r support needs.

Heather - Disability Support Worker 


Tamara - Disability Support Worker

Alex - Disability Support Worker - ACT


Amy - Disability Support Worker 

Craige - Disability Support Worker 


Emma - Disability Support Worker 

Kayla - Disability Support Worker 


Kerrie - Disability Support Worker 

Leanne - Disability Support Worker & Mental Health


Louise - Disability Support Worker 

Macey - Mental health & Disability Support Worker 


Maureen - Disability & Mental Health support Worker 

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